Board of Trustees


Board Members

Grant McMillanPrincipal
Waru ClarkChairperson
Anne FarmerBoard Secretary
Simon AdamsParent Representative
Jaylene BallParent Representative
Kim DennisParent Representative
Victoria TakaweParent Representative
Alvin ChandStaff Representative
Eline PeniStudent Representative

Board of Trustee meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month and commence at 5 pm.

Chairpersons End of Year Statement 2020

I thank our community, the families, parents, and students of James Cook High School for your ongoing support. It has been a challenging year.

Our staff and board are committed to students learning, health, and wellbeing. The school’s rapid response to both COVID incidents has ensured our students have had every opportunity to continue their learning at home.

James Cook provided a quality laptop to all senior students and some junior students. Multi-level work packs and online support to students was another significant feature of the work done by staff through the periods of interruption. Since returning to school there has been a focus on helping students gain their necessary credits.

In early November the Ministry of Education removed the statutory support for our school. This is recognition of the constant and ongoing improvement across all areas of the school, especially in the area of Governance – school policies and procedures.

The Education Review Office(ERO) has completed a review of O Le Tupu’aga(2019) and Puutake( Nov 2020)  providing a valuable and positive experience for all concerned.

Early in 2020, we introduced a Junior Academic programme that models NCEA  and the capture of credits for the learning completed. Year 9 and 10 students have taken to this programme with enthusiasm.

The subject and timetable design have been adjusted to better reflect student pathway preferences. Included in 2021 is the extension of Te Reo Māori, Tikanga, and historical perspectives from Aotearoa.

Careers and vocational pathways continue to strengthen the link with industry and employers enabling an increasing number of students to directly enter apprenticeship and tertiary courses.

Our Principal and very capable Senior Management team lead an awesome, dedicated staff who continue to seek improvement through professional learning and development.

I am confident that the school is well placed to continue the momentum of improvement across all learning and management areas.

Waru Clark, Chairperson

Please note that all the current school policies are available from the school office and the Board Secretary for perusal.

Chairpersons End of Year Statement 2019

It is with pleasure as the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees for James Cook High School that I write this reflection of our 2019 year on behalf of the Board of Trustees.

Firstly, I would like to thank the previous board for their tremendous support of the school over the last three years. It was a difficult time for the board with the May 2017 ERO external evaluation of James Cook High School identifying several significant concerns regarding the educational outcomes and opportunities for students. In response, the Ministry of Education appointed a Limited Statutory Manager (LSM) in August 2017 to undertake the functions and powers of the board. Chris Saunders, as the limited statutory manager took over governance of employment, finance, teaching, assessment, and health and safety.

During term two of this year, we had our latest ERO review. It stated that “Leadership is beginning to strengthen the quality of teaching and learning, and the design of the school curriculum, to improve student access to meaningful learning opportunities and pathways. The school has significantly improved its organisational capability and operational capacity. The school is making good progress and many key improvement initiatives are underway.”

A core focus for the senior leadership team and teaching staff in 2019 is the introduction of a new curriculum for year 9 and 10 students based around the four strong thematic strands of

  • Tōku Tūākiritanga – Identity and belonging;
  • Tōku Taiao – Environment, Time, Space
  • Tōku Tino Rangatiratanga– Citizenship;
  • Tōku Auahatanga Creativity and Innovation.

Teachers will work together with other curriculum areas to mutually plan their thematic strand ideas so they can better meet the learning needs and interests of their learners.

The new Board is made up of the Principal, one staff trustee, five elected parent trustees, and a newly elected student trustee. We will consider co-opting additional trustee members if required.

As the newly appointed board chair my focus is on providing consistent leadership to the Board. Over the next three years of this board’s tenure, we will be aiming to gradually reduce the governance powers of the currently appointed LSM. You should feel reassured that the school is in great heart; with a healthy financial position, a highly engaged Board of Trustees and a dedicated group of teachers, and support staff who all have the student’s best interests at heart.

Waru Clark

N.B. The current school policies are currently available from the school for perusal.

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