James Cook High School

Student Life


Guardian of Volcanic Energy

This element has allowed the development of all our lands across the world. Rūaumoko is also the unborn child of Ranginui and Papatūānuku, which can be seen as the ever evolving students that choose to come to our kura.

Guardian of the Sea

This sea connects us as people right across the world. Tangaroa is seen as the provider of sustenance to all peoples.

Guardian of the Forest, Insects and Birds

Tāne Mahuta shows us that by acknowledging and embracing diversity, students from all walks of life will know our kura is a safe place to attend.

Guardian of the Weather

Bringing sustenance from the sky above to enable survival on Papatuanuku. Tāwhirimātea personifies the personalities and attitudes that come to our kura.


The origins of each elected JC Guardian House name comes from our connection to the elements of the environment no matter where we are in the world. The JC Guardians were chosen because our people in the pacific were very visual people, who used and acknowledged nature everyday pre-European.

At James Cook High School every student and staff member belong to a House. Click on a tile below to read more about what each JC Guardian House represents.