Visual Arts

Visual Arts

The integration of arts as a curriculum offering helps to create well-rounded, well-prepared learners, and leaders. In art, students learn to work both independently, creatively, and collaboratively to construct meanings, produce works,  respond to and value others’ contributions. Students learn to use their imagination to engage with unexpected outcomes and to explore multiple solutions.

At James Cook High School all students get an opportunity to explore the arts and as they move through the school they are taught specific artistic skills and methodology.

Visual Arts splits into a range of offerings at Level 2 and Level 3. At these levels, the students can be involved in Cultural Art, Painting, Photography, and Printmaking.

The visual arts develop students’ conceptual thinking within a range of practices across drawing, sculpture, design, painting, printmaking, photography, and moving images. An understanding of Māori visual culture is achieved through the exploration of Māori contexts. Students experiment with materials, using processes and conventions to develop their visual inquiries and create both static and time-based artworks.

ENROL for 2021

ENROL for 2021. Enrolment Packs available  from the office