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Our head prefects 2020

Head Students and Prefects 2020

One of the most rewarding aspects of teachers’ work is to watch the growth of new Year 9 students into superb leaders in Year 13. There are ample opportunities for acknowledging the leadership skills of our Year 13 students. In consultation with staff and students, we select the school leaders, Head and Deputy Head girl and boy; each House appoints four students as House Prefects for the year (two boys and two girls), and the Sports Department selects a Code Captain to manage each of the Sporting Codes entering into regional competition.

One of the opportunities your students will have when they enrol in James Cook High School is to participate in student leadership. We have a great group of prefects for 2020.

Head Boys

Ta’a Vili
Rami Koria

Head Girls

Sarona Hunt
Elenas Pauli


Harry Bishop
Hazakiah Tigarea
Navneel Singh
Rami Koria
Carl McCullagh
PJ Tupekea
Sepiuta Falekaono
Noah Singe
Salote Tuitavuki
Wainalei Ieremia
Celestina Rankin
Brodily Beckett
Zoheb Khan
Mariah Matthes
Vangana Takai
Tamavua Kaufisi
Naomi Matthews
Lavinia Fakapulia
Reha Dass
Quincey-Beth Mau
Shania Joy Angell

ENROL for 2021

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