In Zone Street Names & Map


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Aarts Avenue
Aberdeen Crescent
Adair Place
Addington Avenue
Adel Place
Aden Place
Ainsdale Place
Akeake Lane
Albertson Place
Allerton Place
Anglers Way
Antalya Place
Apa Street
Arbor Close
Arnwood Street
Ashkirk Place
Ashland Place
Ashmere Lane
Astor Place
Aumangea Lane
Avonglen Court
Awakino Place
Awhenga Place
Balfour Road
Balmore Place
Balwyn Place
Barcroft Place
Barneys Farm Road
Barr Place
Beach Road
Beaumonts Way
Becker Drive
Bedlington Avenue
Beeston Crescent
Beihlers Road
Belfry Place
Belleek Close
Bellshill Close
Bellville Drive
Benmore Place
Benton Place
Berkeley Road
Bernina Place
Bettina Place
Bill Phillip Place
Blackgate Place
Blackwood Drive
Blanes Road
Blantyre Court
Blossom Lane
Bluewater Place
Bohola Rise
Booker Place
Boon Street
Bowater Place
Brava Place
Brechin Place
Brent Place
Brentford Place
Bretts Road
Brook Haven Rise
Browns Road (even numbers 122 & above)
Buller Crescent
Bundena Place
Burbank Avenue
Burlington Place
Burndale Terrace
Burundi Avenue
Cade Place
Cambridge Road
Capella Place
Carbery Place
Carn Place
Carnoustie Drive
Carter Place
Castlefinn Drive
Castlehill Court
Celmisia Place
Chonny Crescent
Christmas Road
Churchill Avenue
Claymore Street
Clayton Road
Clendon Place
Coles Place
Cottrell Place
Coxhead Road
Crampton Place
Crannich Place
Crannog Fen
Creda Road
Crispian Place
Croftview Road
Dagenham Street
Dalmahoy Place
Damian Way
De Bloge Place
Derryveagh Lane
Deveron Road
Disley Road
Divine Lane
Domain Road
Dorendia Place
Dr Pickering Avenue
Dreadon Road
Dungarvon Place
Ebanjane Way
Ebenezer Way
Eddowes Street
Elie Place
Elmwood Place
Eloise Place
Estuary Road
Etherton Drive
Evans Road
Ewbank Place
Fairlight Place
Feasegate Street
Fellbrook Street
Fergy Crescent
Fields Road
Finlayson Avenue
Flora Place
Footwide Place
Frances Street
Frangipani Avenue
Friedlanders Road
Frobisher Way
Funnell Place
Gainsborough Street
Gairloch Place
Gambare Place
Garth Place
Gibbons Road
Gila Place
Girvan Terrace
Glencalder Place
Gleneagles Grove
Glennis Place
Glenross Drive
Glenveagh Park Drive
Gloucester Road
Great South Road (odd numbers 269-327)
Grebe Street
Greers Road
Greta Banks Place
Hadley Wood Drive
Hanan Place
Hanford Place
Harobed Place
Harrow Place
Hatherley Place
Hazards Road
Healy Road
Helms Place
Heybridge Street
Hinton Place
Hitori Street
Hobart Crescent
Hobman Place
Hollinbrigg Place
Holmes Road
Honey Place
Hooks Road
Hoturoa Place
Hoylake Place
Huber Street
Hutt Road
Hywell Place
Innismara Avenue
Ipukarea Street
Iris Place
Iwinuku Crescent
James Road
Janese Place
Jean Alma Lane
John Walker Drive
Joshua Place
Josie Lane
Justamere Place
Jutland Road (32 & below, 27 & below)
Kaanapali Place
Kaimoana Street
Kanga Lane
Katikati Drive
Kay Road
Kendall Court
Kennington Drive
Kent Road
Kern Place
Kerrydale Road
Kevale Place
Kimptonfields Court
Kirkaldy Street
Kirton Crescent
Kita Road
Kohi Kai Place
Kohiwi Road
Kopara Place
Kopu Place
Kuparu Street
Kuurae Crescent
Landette Road
Lane Road
Lawson Way
Leaver Place
Linicro Place
Lothian Brae
Loughinisland Place
Lovely Lane
Lucas Place
Lupton Road
Mahia Road
Maida Vale
Mail Avenue
Malmo Place
Manene Street
Maplesden Drive
Mark Edgar Place
Martha Lane
Marumaru Lane
Matāwhanga Drive
Matilda Place
Matua Place
Matukutūreia Lane
Mcdivitt Street
Mcgreal Place
Mcinnes Road
Mckean Avenue
Mcleod Road
Mcquarrie Avenue
Minton Place
Mon Desir Place
Moncrieff Avenue
Montego Place
Montilla Place
Moor Park
Morrin Street
Mountfort Street
Muirfield Street
Mull Place
Myna Place
Naomi Place
Neems Place
Newbegin Place
Ngakau Aroha Lane
Ngatira Place
Nicholas Gibbons Drive
Nield Road
Nina Place
O’connell Street
Oakmont Place
Ocean View Road
Olive Street
Oratu Place
Oxford Road
Pallant Street
Palmers Road
Pawa Place
Percival Street
Pinehurst Place
Piriti Place
Pitt Avenue
Poutini Place
Prestwick Place
Primrose Place
Pureora Place
Puriri Road
Pushon Place
Rainbow Place
Rako Place
Ramwall Place
Rangataua Place
Ranger Place
Rebecca Rise
Reremanu Place
Reyland Close
Rhine Place
Rimu Road
Ririno Place
Robert Ross Place
Robert Skelton Place
Rogers Road
Romney Place
Ronald Place
Rondorlyn Place
Roscommon Road (302 & above, 271 & above)
Roseanne Road
Rosemary Lane
Rowandale Avenue
Roys Road
Ruby Street
Rukumoana Place
Russell Road
Saints Court
Samara Place
Sandwick Drive
Scotsmoor Drive
Sealord Place
Seaward Place
Selago Place
Selsey Lane
Selwyn Road
Senecio Place
Settlers Cove
Sharland Avenue
Silver Creek Road
Siska Place
Slim Place
Smedley Street
Solo Place
Southview Place
Sparrow Place
St Annes Crescent
Station Road
Stella Place
Stoll Place
Stranraer Crescent
Strathaven Road
Sunlands Drive
Sunningdale Street
Surrey Street
Suwyn Place
Swallow Drive
Sykes Road
Taatahi Street
Taiaapure Street
Taitimu Drive
Tamworth Close
Tawa Crescent
Templeton Place
Thompson Terrace
Ti Kouka Lane
Tington Avenue
Tokatoka Lane
Tolvah Place
Tonson Place
Tonuitanga Street
Toro Lane
Totara Road
Trinco Place
Trossach Place
Trounson Avenue
Tui Crescent
Tuna Place
Turnberry Drive
Tutuwhatu Crescent
Valencia Place
Volante Avenue
Volta Place
Wai Iti Place
Waimahia Avenue
Waimai Avenue
Waimarino Road
Wattle Farm Road
Watts Road
Wenlock Place
Weymouth Road (16 & above, 11 & above)
Whakaute Lane
White Road
Wick Place
William Avenue
Winsford Street
Woodlark Close
Wordsworth Road
Yearsley Place
Zurich Place

All students who live within the home zone described below and/or shown on the In Zone Enrolment Map shall be entitled to enrol at James Cook High School.

Starting at the intersection of Browns Road and the railway line travel southeast along the railway line until Great South Road. At Great South Road (269-327 odd addresses included) travel southeast until Papakura Stream, at which point travel southwest along Papakura Stream until Pahurehure Inlet. Travel initially southwest along the coastline around all of Wattle Downs and Weymouth until Hanford Place. Travel northeast along the northern edge of Hanford Place addresses until Browns Road, and then continue northeast along Browns Road (122 and above even addresses included) until the zone’s origin point.

All residential addresses on boundary roads and no exit roads off boundary roads are included in the zone unless otherwise stated.

Proof of residence within the home zone will be required.

Each year, applications for enrolment in the following year from in-zone students will be sought by a date which will be published in a daily or community newspaper circulating in the area served by the school. This will enable the board to assess the number of places which can be made available to students who live outside the home zone.


The School operates the following Special Programmes:

  • Puutake Māori language programme
  • O le Tupu’aga Samoan bi-lingual programme
  • Services Academy

Each year the board will determine the number of places which are likely to be available in the following year for the enrolment of students who live outside the home zone. The board will publish this information by notice in a daily or community newspaper circulating in the area served by the school. The notice will indicate how applications are to be made and will specify a date by which all applications must be received.

Applications for enrolment will be processed in the following order of priority:

  • First Priority: will be given to applicants enrolling in Puutake Te Wāhanga Māori, O le Tupu’aga and Services Academy.
  • Second Priority: will be given to applicants who are siblings of current students.
  • Third Priority: will be given to applicants who are siblings of former students.
  • Fourth Priority: will be given to any applicant who is a child of a former student of the school.
  • Fifth Priority: will be given to any applicant who is either a child of an employee of the board of the school or a child of a member of the board of the school.
  • Sixth Priority: will be given to all other applicants.

If there are more applicants in the second, third, fourth, or fifth priority groups than there are places available, selection within the priority group will be by a ballot conducted in accordance with instructions issued by the Secretary under Schedule 20 section 4 of the Education and Training Act 2020 (formerly section11G (3) of the Education Act 1989). Parents will be informed of the date of any ballot by notice in a daily or community newspaper circulating in the area served by the school.

Applicants seeking second or third priority status may be required to give proof of a sibling relationship.

1. Have all documentation ready to upload. They are:

  • Proof of Identity (NZ Birth Certificate or Passport)
  • If born overseas, bring in Passport and proof of eligibility to study in New Zealand (Residency Permit or Student Visa).
  • Caregiver / Legal Guardian – If you are not the student’s biological parent, we will require proof that the student lives with you e.g.
         – Statutory Declaration from the Manukau Courts or an Official Court / Oranga Tamariki / WINZ Unsupported Child Benefit document.
  • Proof of Residence within the home zone (Electricity Bill or Rental Agreement)
  • JCHS Medical form completed / signed (download here)
  • JCHS Cyber Agreement form completed / signed (download here)
  • JCHS ESOL form – if applicable (download here)
  • Immunisation Record (please ask your local GP for a copy)

2. Complete and submit a New Enrolment Application
At the bottom of this section, click on Start New Enrolment Application button to enrol online now.

3. Attend an Enrolment Interview.
You may be required to attend an Enrolment interview with your child. If this is required, we will be in touch to arrange a suitable date and time. 

4. Confirmation of Acceptance
If your child is successful in securing a place at James Cook High School, a Letter of Acceptance will be emailed to whānau. If we do not have an email address recorded, the Acceptance Letter will be posted by mail. If unsuccessful, whānau will be notified in the same way.

5. Starting School Process
Once your child has been accepted to attend James Cook High School, the School Office will confirm your child’s start date with you.

NB: It is very important that your contact details (phone numbers, email and address) are kept up to date all times while your child is attending James Cook High School so that you are kept informed of any changes and/or updates, and to receive any correspondence from the School relating to your child. Please notify the School Office if any of your contact information changes. 


JCHS School Uniform for Junior and Senior students.
If enrolling to Puutake, uniform will be discussed at the time of your interview.

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