The JC Diploma

The JC Diploma

Junior students at James Cook High School work throughout the year towards their respective JC9 Diploma or JC10 Diploma.

The Diploma is achieved by students earning JC Credits for completing work in all their different subjects.  These could be projects, presentations, reports, artworks, fitness tests – it all depends on the subject.  The tasks will be relevant to the student’s class and the work that they do. 

Assessments allow students to earn credits at Achieved, Merit and Excellence level.  If their grade is Not Yet Achieved, then there will be opportunities for them to work to improve this.

Students and whānau are regularly updated about progress, and students who successfully complete this work are awarded their Diploma at the end of the school year.

Why do we have the JC Diploma?

  • It gives students lots of opportunities for success
  • It promotes positive work habits, and rewards hard work and effort
  • It introduces students to the requirements of a qualification system, like NCEA
  • It means that all the work they do during the year is “worth” something
  • It gives teachers really good information to discuss with students and whānau about academic progress

JC9 Diploma: Students need to pass 75% of the credits available to them in order to get their Diploma

JC10 Diploma: Students need to earn 100 credits in order to get their Diploma

Students can also earn Diploma Endorsement, at Merit, Excellence, and Distinction level

The key to success in the Diploma is hard work and focus – students doing their best!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and ask:

Sa’id Milton
Tumuaki Tuarua

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