Faculty of Technology

Head of Faculty – Jasveer Singh
(Digital Technology / Technology / Hospitality / Visual Communication)
E: j.singh@jchs.school.nz
P: 09 268 3950 ext. 871

Head of Department (Digital Technology)
Craig Arnold
E: c.arnold@jchs.school.nz

Head of Department (Hospitality)
Mahara Honey
E: m.honey@jchs.school.nz
P: 09 268 3950 ext. 847

Head of Department (Technology)
Rob Taylor
E: r.taylor@jchs.school.nz
P: 09 268 3950 ext. 856

Teaching Staff
Phillice Chaitwa
Stefan Dyer
Kristal Montose-Arnold
Chris Ofanoa
Muni Ratnam
Pauli Roodt
Craig Sunde


PF21 Cook Island JC02
PF21 Thurs Puutake03


If you need to enrol your child for Term Two please come to the school office and collect an enrolment form. We look forward to assisting you.