Faculty of Arts

Head of Faculty – Paddy O’Rourke
Visual Arts, Dance and Music
E: p.orourke@jchs.school.nz

Head of Department (Music)
Rob Berryman

E: r.berryman@jchs.school.nz

Music Teachers
Alistair  Deverick
Xiaomeng Charlene Huang
Veronica Kim
Marius  Minnaar
Ravindra James Nana
Timothy Stewart
Scott Thomas

Head of Department (Dance)
Mandy Saunders
E: m.saunders@jchs.school.nz

Dance Teachers
Vivian Aue
Shaquelle Maybury
Rachel Singh
Sophie Henderson

Visual Arts Teachers
Jessie Atafu-Mayo
Aman Deep Kaur
Kendra Leilua
Amanda Riches


PF21 Cook Island JC02
PF21 Thurs Puutake03


If you need to enrol your child for Term Two please come to the school office and collect an enrolment form. We look forward to assisting you.