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JCHS Student and Whanau Information booklet 2022

Student and Whānau Information booklet 2021 NCEA Exam Results University Entrance and Scholarships University Entrance UE Approved Subjects UE Literacy and Numeracy Standards Scholarships Scholarship – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Forms Derived Grades Form (unable to attend NZQA Final Exams for approved reason) National Representation in Sport – Pre-approval Application Form

Year 9 to 11 Covid-19 March 2021 Resources

All O le Tupu’aga Year 9 and 10 students should also work on the Mainstream resources provided. If you want to email any teacher listed in your document then copy and paste the hyperlink to your email.


Career Central for Students Career Central To all students – this year we have introduced Career Central school wide. A reputable network used by over 100,000 students around NZ assisting you to develop career management competencies and increase your engagement in school wide career education. Each student is able to have their individual ‘profile’ that is …

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Learners are required to complete the unit standards booklets below. If there are any questions please email your subject teacher: Level 1 CTE: Mr Singh – Level 2 CTE: Mr Ratnam – This work is also available on Google classroom. An invitation email has been sent to your school account. Year 9 CTE …

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Arts Careers Commerce English Languages Mathematics Physical Education Puutake Science Social Science Special Learning Programmes (JIP/ELL) Sports Technology Library Accessing Learning Platforms: Google Classroom and iQualify How to Access your school email using your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)   How to Access iQualify Setting up your password  To login go …

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Learning English can help a student to unlock their creative potential while at the same time develop practical skills that will help them with their careers in the future. Understanding, using, and creating oral, written, and visual texts of increasing complexity is at the heart of English teaching and learning. By engaging with text-based activities, …

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Physical Education

  Welcome to the faculty for Physical Education and Health. The four strands across the faculty are: Personal health and physical development, in which students develop the knowledge, understandings, skills, and attitudes that they need to maintain and enhance their personal well-being and physical development. Movement concepts and motor skills, in which students develop motor …

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With its focus on design thinking, technology education supports students to be innovative, reflective and critical in designing new models, products, software, systems and tools to benefit people while taking account of their impact on cultural, ethical, environmental and economic conditions. Just recently the Ministry of Education revised the Technology learning area to strengthen the …

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Social Science

In a general sense, social science is the study of society and how people behave, interact, and influence each other inside a community. Students studying social sciences explore the unique bicultural nature of New Zealand society that derives from the Treaty of Waitangi. They learn about people, places, cultures, histories, and the economic world, within …

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