Horticulture News

Bees for Benevolent Project

Our Horticulture programme -offered to Years 11 to 13- are involving our students in some really exciting community projects this year: Bee Benevolent Project 2021. Funded by Curious Minds.
On the 29th of July our students were involved in the setting up of four beehives, two in an urban setting – Papakura & Karaka & two in a rural setting – Kingseat.
The aim of the project is to gather scientific data with a qualified beekeeper (Bees Up Top) on the quality of the honey produced in an urban area vs a rural area which will then be tested in a lab at the end of the year when the honey is harvested.
The project is also intended to engage the students, in a realistic and meaningful science project and in the process gain important skills including the knowledge of the importance of bees as pollinators, enthusiasm for science, communication project management and the confidence to learn, explore, make hypothesis etc.
In addition, it is intended that the JCHS students will communicate their findings to members of their community, including their whanau, peers, and Auckland Council. In this way, the findings obtained by the JCS students can be learnt and applied throughout South Auckland.
The students are benefitting from the expertise provided by the team at Bees UpTop.
– Mr Adams and Mr Sharma

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