School Charter & School Policies

On this page, you will find the school’s latest charter.  A charter sets the direction for the school and identifies the priorities the board expects the principal to be leading.

A charter is a “living document” meaning that it is always in review to ensure it is relevant and SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time- related.

The Education Act requires every school’s board of trustees to:

  • prepare and maintain a charter
  • send a reviewed and updated charter to the Ministry of Education every year.

Our charter is the key-planning document for our school. It includes strategic aims and annual plans which:

  • reflect the goals and aspirations your community has for your school and your students for the next 3–5 years
  • outlines how the school is implementing the government’s priorities as set out in the National Education Guidelines and the National Administration Guidelines
  • identifies the key areas the board will focus on, both in the longer term and the coming year, to improve the progress and achievement of all of your students.

In the words of the Education Act, Section 63:

A school charter has effect as an undertaking by the board to the Minister to take all reasonable steps (not inconsistent with any enactment, or the general law of New Zealand) to ensure that:

(a) the school is managed, organised, conducted, and administered for the purposes set out in the school charter; and

(b) the school, and its students and community, achieve the aims and objectives set out in the school charter.